Sat And Pta Refresher Trainings

These trainings started well on 27th June 2013 at Maluil P/S successfully, followed by Wadhalel P/S for just 1 day. These had to be taken up concurrently, given the limited time available and the lengths of the 2 trainings. A team comprising of 1 staff from PCO, 1 staff from SCI and 1 County staff is taking charge of this activity which is to take 2 days in each of the 9 schools targeting the SAT and the PTA.

However, due to the delayed release of funds and logistical constraints, we could not accomplish the trainings in June as planned. The trainings have therefore been carried forward to Quarter 3 where the rest of the PTA’s and SAT’s will be trained. A total of 105 PTA’s from the 7 remaining schools are expected to benefit from the training, whereas 84 SAT’s including 42 girls and 42 boys from the 7 remaining schools will equally benefit from the training. 30 PTA’s as well as 24 SAT’s including 12 girls and 12 boys have already been trained in Maluil and Wadhalel Primary Schools.